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To say that the David Lynch universe is a step back into split timelines is too simple to even contemplate. But rather a deeply rooted esoteric mirror that we view the Modern Metamyth lens through a clearer filter without the distortion of the duality of the 3D. Exploring a deeply spiritually aligned perspective of the characters, storyboards, Metaforms used and expanded upon in the Twin Peaks mythology we see our own reflection in the interplay taking place on screen.

January 22nd, 2020    

A powerful portal of Twin Peaks Meta Myth revealed on 11.11.11

Although it's now the master number of 22nd January 2020 in a 2+2 = 4 Universal year of physical manifestation I wanted to wait until this moment to share a powerful Meta mythos download that I had on 11.11 at 11. Normally I go into quite a bit of detail as to what the episode is about so people who are interested know what's in store, but already this year which is all about clarity and transparency through the most authentic lens you can transmit your truth through. I decided that I'm not going to volunteer information as it comes across as egoic dogma and that's not what my personal insights on the David Lynch Universe is all about. So if your curious and you love Twin Peaks then take the plunge look through the mirror and see what you can see and decide for yourself if this is for you or not? Either way no biggie, no love lost as it's always going to be apparent and available as it's in our house now.

Blessings and love to all in 2020...may your destiny unfold within the river of divine ease and grace!


December 9th, 2019    

Phillip Jeffries - The Dilemma of Quantum Entanglement

So with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries and the Comet Borisov bringing even more Fire into our collective energy field and there being literally no air in the atmosphere to breathe. I thought it appropriate to do a detailed account of the Phillip Jeffries character and Dossier in context to a deeper understanding of Quantum entanglement. So is Phillip Jeffries really Phillip Gerard embodying the physical collapse of two distinct particles where one stimulus embodies both the roles undertaken and the accepted responsibility of both characters. So both these contradictions are existing and playing out at the same time which demonstrates clearly that our dream like reality is a strange beast when viewed through the Quantum physics lens.

Here we have what is known as the echoing frequency, the residual energy left over from the space between space and within every moment there is space at the beginning of the moment and space at the end of the moment and this is perhaps where Phillip Jeffries exists and weaves his particular brand of Chaos magic. He is occupying the space between two worlds that Michael Gerard embodies in the etheric and within physical matter the magician that longs to see. So Gerard is beckoning Jeffries to come out from behind the veil of Amnesia the Quantum entanglement and Firewalk with us the viewer drawn into the dream that his Chaos magic is manifesting on screen. This is the minds eye from which the Lynch Meta universe presents itself. No longer the affected but rather the affector we see how our misguided interpretation of event streams taking place in the Black Lodge, the waiting room and the general boundary of Twin Peaks itself confuses the separation that we think exists between one density of conscious space that Jeffries occupies to the mirror opposite density of conscious space that Gerard occupies and operates from. So the illusion playing out for the dreamers becomes real when Bowie disappears from our plainer scope of reality.

Thanks to theoretical physics man was able to invent the H bomb and it's detonation entangles the spiritual entities of Bob and Laura, the embodiment of good and evil. So what of the young Sarah Palmer and the little boy and who are they entangled with? Are they the same Woodsman from Twin Peaks and what promotes their entanglement in our world? To put is simple and within a Meta understanding should Doppelgangers and our darker shadow self should also function under the principles of Quantum entanglement....then again isn't it already doing exactly that with Twin Peaks?



November 28th, 2019    

Exposing the Light (the space between two worlds) Firewalking

Mars in Scorpio opposed by Uranus in Taurus and wait for it Mercury is now direct and Venus is in a conjunction with to say thge energy has been volatile of late is an understatement. Part of this was gale force winds that brought trees and power lines down which had me without power for nearly 7.5 hours. So I felt it appropriate to just lay on the bed and reflect on how I was feeling and what the energy around me was welling up inside and outside of my being. I can sum it up with just a few words actually and those words are...I can't breathe and its very claustrophobic in everything taking place right now. In short there is no little or no air in the sky. Its all fire and earth and that means for those who know what I'm talking about that it's time to recognise our need to ground ourselves to what is authentic and real so that we can stop getting lost in the delusion of thinking that we feel good and all is in divine flow in the river of ease and grace. So what does this have to do with Twin Peaks? Well plenty actually as I'll now explain in greater detail.

So while laying on the bed in darkness bar the few tea lights I had available to illuminate the darker shadows of this energy my construct brought into focus the Black Lode and the entity's that inhabited it. And so I started a correlation between our world and the world of our sub conscious world where there is a definitive space in between their manifestations and the opportunity presented itself to Firewalk with a hidden truth reflected in the Meta universe of Twin Peaks.

The downward spiral of our world into Chaos clearly demonstrates the way that the more light we expose from our waking and focused consciousness into the darker realms of the space between the Doppelganger occupied world of the Lodges and our own, illuminates the collective conscious as to the issues of the day and how to no longer feel beholden to attach to the misery, Maya and victimization caused by allowing the suppression of those feelings and emotions to collapse our wave function to embody fear in the physical and create a false mask of what we deem to perceive as our plainer reality. The Fireman is always presenting in a hidden Meta form the fire alarm in the White Lodge that signals the looming and ever presence of Bob and the Lodge Denizens. This is the conscious alarm Lynch is using to wake the viewer up from the dream and to solidify the dream into the embodiment of the Dreamers that is reflected in US.

All our pressures and stresses are echoed in an urgency to deal with the Firemans alarm that alerts us to when our sub conscious suppression is using our ego in order to drive our motivation forward. But how effective is the planned transit through the on screen drama when there are only three fixed wheels on our cart of experience and one wheel is shaky, loose and about to fall off. That's how Cooper, Harry, Hawk and Andy all feel...the dreamers waking up from the dream embodied in the horror of the escalating crimes befalling many of the towns characters.


November 26th, 2019    

Kokopelli and the Jumping Man (Native American Colonialism)

So on the eve of the new moon in Sagittarius I felt compelled having just been dealing with some indigenous Aboriginal senior law men as to an upcoming water purifying ceremony in frequency to do a Podcast on the Meta language of Kokopelli (Nth American Indian Shaman) and "The Jumping Man". He is the fertility god that brings in the bounty of the harvest and in particular he is referenced as a light bearer between the two worlds in the dimension above the convenience store in Twin Peaks. But as Hawk points out to Cooper when he explains the intricacies of his indigenous map of the surrounding all depends on the intention of what the pictographs can represent as a larger part of understanding the Metaphorical reflection of the Lynch universe. In this case Cooper points towards the black corn...the sour of the harvest and in this case our Pinocchio styled Lodge Denizen is the shamanic custodian of the creamed corn...our Garmonbozia.

I go further to point out after researching some esoteric articles in the Blue Rose magazine that as the Jumping Man arrived at the same time as the Woodsman in this dimension he represents the radioactive degenerated corn meal or maise as it was known at the time of the Trinity Test in December 1965 which was the core focus of the Manhattan project that wiped out Nagasaki and Hiroshima. So it is a nuclear tainted corn meal that the Jumping Man has distorted as part of a larger evil shadow that the Lodge creatures are here on earth to spread like a virus to infect and poison the populace. But there is much more. To put it mildly it was a way of reflecting the attack on local colonialism as the American Indians of the region were being displaced more and more by the selfish greed of the white settlers and the movers and shakers like the Horne brothers, Jack Parsons and the Milfred and Packard family's of the Twin Peaks region. Yet as all is reflected in our own conscious expansion, the Jumping Man is indeed an aspect of ourselves as we peer through the mirror of turbulent cultural shifts and change.


Here's our latest David Lynch inspired Music Video


November 22nd, 2019    

Who is Judy? (Doppelgangers & Shadow Mirrors Revealed)

In this episode and after a fair bit of online research we look at all the energetic, spiritually aligned and darker shadow mirrors that is JUDY. As Mr C says...who is Judy. Phillip Jeffries is a major focal point of our illusory holographic reality refuses to talk about Judy yet he explains to Cooper that he has already met Judy. To most this is considered to be the most confusing factor of the Meta Universe of Lynch yet the mythology and mysticism is very carefully clued in Episode 8 and the whole bigger cultural picture of the "Trinity Test" on July 16th 1945. On screen we meet a young pre teen Sarah "Judith" Palmer who is corrupted by her first kiss and metaphorically reflects a cultural shift of the American youth into a rebellious expression of the times represented by Lynch's love of Rock n Roll and Maverick characters like Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Judy embodied in Sarah Palmer beckons us to Firewalk with her as we are forcibly coaxed "time and time again" according to the "Arm" to get in tune with our darker shadow self and the embodiment of our Doppelganger which are eerily represented by the Lodge Denizens which shape shift from one density of conscious space to another. To open this can of supernatural worms at this stage would be inappropriate as the distinction between, The Owl Ring, The Sycamore Trees, Sparkwood and 21, Scorched engine oil, The Sounds, The horse is the white of the eyes, The Gods of Light, The Woodsman, The Fireman, The Electrician, Garmonbozia, Mike and Bob are all part of the same interconnected electrically charged particle that is simultaneously collapsing our reality to reveal ordered chaos at every turn in any given it future or is it past?






November 22nd, 2019    

Leland, Sarah, Nadine Dossiers (Disconnected Reality Revealed)

In this episode we go to lengths to dissect the character dossiers of Leland Palmer, Sarah Palmer and Nadine Gardner and the way these interconnected relationships play out on screen. David Lynch's unique language expressed in the Meta Universe creates many parallel experiences that mirror our own lives as metaphorical reflections that we create within our roles as investigative detectives solving the ultimate murder mystery. The juxtaposition between Leland and Sarah Palmer as puppet masters of duality are cryptically represented in the Quantum unified field theory of the particle and the wave duality. The self aware moment of continued childhood abuse that goes unchecked manifests in their plainer reality as the monster that has been created by observing the collapse of the particle solidifying the fear and drawing into a corporeal live experience.

Lynch and Frost make it very clear that their intention to scrape under the finger nails of middle America to expose the dirt that lies under the glistening facade of a small endearing and loveable town. To reflect this on screen they developed complicated characters that played dual roles when presenting their ideology of consciousness and the flow of energy between two worlds. The bulk of Lynch's screen work through the expression of his art has represented the darker underbelly of what we perceive in the illusory reality to be a very clean cut lens of society and societal influence. So to consolidate that intention he made damn sure that certain characters would embody that self expression to a tee. This included the many faces of Nadine Gardner and Sarah Palmer as herself and the embodiment of "Judy".






November 22nd, 2019    

The Return - Scenes 1-3 (Jacoby Millenial Megaphone)

In this episode we look at the Meta language behind the Season intro for "The Return" and the first three scenes and locations in great detail. I feature quite a bit about Jacoby and his alter ego the mirror of the current Zeitgeist in 2017 as Dr Amp and how he becomes the voice that no longer talks to us but rather talks at us to make a point that the airwaves are still flooded with more gratuitous consumable violence and fodder and filler which contribute to rotting the youth of Twin Peaks brains and collapsing their personalities into rotten eggs. This is clearly demonstrated in all the skull crashing and mis-shapen heads featured in the new series.

The Return and it's interplay on screen is about non-existence and nothingness as there is very little or nothing associated with the original romance we the original dreamers had with Twin Peaks. The color spectrum is dull and blurred, the language is stilted and labored and the characters are now represented as cardboard cut outs with diminished emotional capacity to present credible on screen performances as the new TV Amnesia has well and truly set in. Doughie Jones a Tulpa of Dale Cooper and Niddo a Tulpa of Dianne Evans didn't have any real dialogue for the expanse of the series. Lynch goes further to add insult to injury by throwing in a good dose of dumb luck to see if we can't be triggered to wake up to just how out of place that whole interplay was for the Las Vegas stalking scenes.



November 22nd, 2019    

FBI Agent - Dale Cooper Dossier (Reflective Metaphor)

In this episode we dissect in detail the enigmatic David Lynch inspired character of FBI Special Agent, Dale Cooper. This dossier is extensive and very Meta based and the most simplest analogy that one could put forward. Is that he represents the Detective embodied in us "The Viewers" to investigate the imbalance taking place in the Television world of the period. Back in the late 80's every drama, cop show, soap and sitcom would resolve the crime by the end of the episode so there was no real need to have investigators or special agents who's role and responsibility was to "survey the details, scour for clues and solve the crime". Dale Cooper embodies all the characteristics that Lynch needs to present the perfect detective that will take the time using all manner of techniques, spirituality, deductive skills to bring to our attantion that we see ourselves in the mirror that's playing out on screen. We are in a Metaphorical reflection of that reality the perpetrators of the crime of murdering Laura Palmer.

Its a rather lengthy and detailed look into the cathartic journey that Cooper travels from the good shepherd to a soul that falls from grace and embodies his own dark shadow self in the form of his Doppelganger which is very much the basis of the Red Room Waiting area....the space between two worlds, or in our case the negative space between two distinctive reality's and timelines.



November 22nd, 2019    

Who is the Dreamer - We Are???

In today's episode we look at how Lynch utilised characters to embody the dichotomy between good and evil, which is inherent in all of us. The energetic imbalance projected through the distorted lens on screen demonstrated how we all live inside a dream...a holographic illusory reality where nothing remotely resembles what our senses perceive, feel and see. David Lynch very purposefully led us down a deliberate rabbit hole that reflected us the viewer as the Dreamers experiencing the dream in the show. Laura Palmer is "The One" She is the one that sees us the viewer and our actions depicted in the many Twin Peaks timelines. She also has hypnotic power over us and she is hyper aware that we bear some level of responsibility for her never ending nightmare. As Carrie Page she tried desperately to hide from us and our gift of Garmonbozia. In the return Cooper found her and so did we. This insight will offer on screen examples that she and other characters are actively aware of us. We are the core focus of Lynch's vision of our world reflected in the Twin Peaks universe. We are the key to ending Laura's nightmare.

Through the lens of Twin Peaks we are asked to witness how a heinous and somewhat supernatural crime against humanity is received and acted upon by the Zeitgest and how we all manage to hide our deepest transgressions in our 12th house of secrets...."it is in our house now" David uses Laura to draw our attention away from our addiction to the consumable violence on TV and back into recognising the intrinsic goodness that lies in all existence.

Twin Peaks essentially allows each new character to be an energetic expression of a particular emotive state in our conscious understanding and our plainer reality. There are four characters represented that speak directly to us, the viewer. Their actions and messages on screen are meant specifically for us. They speak act and look directly at us. These characters inform us the viewer that we are in a dream and they are warning us through their exchanges for us the observers in the dream to hurry up and wake up! These are.

The Log Lady (Catherine Coulson - R.I.P)

Dr Jacoby / Dr Amp (Russ Tamblyn)

Monica Belluci (Monica Belluci)

Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee)






November 20th, 2019    

Introduction to the Modern Meta-Myth of Twin Peaks (Two chant out between two worlds, Firewalk with me)

Welcome one and all to "Twin Peaks" What Lies Beneath, a weekly Podcast that explores the Modern Meta-myth that is the David Lynch universe and the mysticism and mythology behind the landmark TV Series, "Twin Peaks" This is a co-creative space that explores and mirrors the collective consciousness from a spiritually aligned Meta-form perspective. This program is predominantly a personal insight into the darker recesses of the sub conscious and conscious human experience today. As the show progresses we will feature experts, special guests and die hard fans in an interactive  Podcast "Livestream" so everyone can get in on the action. During Series 1 we will cover the following in unbridled esoteric detail.


1. Twin Peaks (Series 1)

2. Twin Peaks (Series 2)

3. Fire Walk With Me (Feature)

4. The Missing Pieces (Documentary)

5. The Art Life (David Lynch)

6. The Secret History of Twin Peaks (Mark Frost)

7. The Final Dossier (Mark Frost)


To kick things off with a Bang Bang Bar, Roadhouse style we feature a one on one Skype chat with "Space Cadet" You Tuber, Cory Caplan where we get into the esoteric and science based metaphor of the Particle / Wave duality theory and how everything presented in Twin Peaks can be broken down to the reflective mirror of this evaluation. I will also be presenting a more Astrological outlook on how certain energy's and planetary transits create a fusion of electrical charge to clarify the sub conscious amnesia when looking at the influence of modern media on the human genetic template and the human condition in the NOW.


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